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Cover - Blue Group - A Jerry Anders Novel


Jerry Anders has investigated many murders, but none so far reaching as two he drew weeks before Christmas in the east coast city of Virginia Beach. A convicted police officer killer was shot with a bullet normally issued to FBI snipers.


Someone is eliminating criminals who kill cops, and Anders' cases lead him to uncovering an organized effort spawned from within FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

I just finished reading an awesome novel and want to make you aware of it. This is one of those can't put down books, and I ordered extra copies as gifts. For those of you familiar with law enforcement and the Virginia Beach/Tidewater Area, it will be particularly relatable.John, congratulations on a great novel, and I hope you are working on a next Jerry Anders novel.



It is a very good read.. Totally enjoyed the book!


Enjoyed this fast paced book! The law enforcement and medical scenes were brought to life as I expected knowing the author's history, but even areas outside his experience are well described and appealing to all senses. The book moves forward at a great pace and reminded me of James Patterson's books in that I wanted to read it straight through, aka "The Quickie". The premise is intriguing and satisfying to anyone with a law enforcement background. I found myself wanting to read more from this author!



Awesome read you can't put it down!


Finished Blue Group last night.  An excellent read that I found hard to put down...Nice piece of work John.


John, purchased your book, could not put it down.  Finished book at two in morning....when is the next one coming out.  Great job!



Read your book.  It was really good! I loved the story line, and the characters that you brought to life.  It was so cool to read a book with places that I am familiar with!  I hope this won't be the end of Jerry and the rest of the gang.



I loved it and had many chuckles throughput the book.  It was great to relate to so many things.


I just finished reading my Dad's book.  Whether you're in law enforcement, family of law enforcement, or friends of law enforcement, I believe you will thoroughly enjoy reading Blue Group.  Very proud.


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