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DINALEE - Jerry Anders 30' Sloop - Blue Group

John T. VanderHeiden is a retired Police Lieutenant from the Virginia Beach Police Department. After twenty-eight years service, he now spends time writing, woodworking and traveling the country in an RV with his wife Melanie (Sissy). He is the eldest son of a Master Chief submariner, so he considers himself a Navy brat, growing up in several cities; San Diego, CA - Groton Long Point, CT - Norfolk, VA - Seattle, WA - Hayward, CA - Port Orchard, WA and Virginia Beach, VA. He holds a degree in Criminology with a minor in Psychology that he earned while working for the police department.

John taught himself how to sail, and was an avid sailor in the Hampton Roads area and points north. He even raced his second of three boats when he could gather a crew. He likes to describe his third sailboat (Catalina 30’ Sloop) as a camper that floats.

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